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A free demo is also available now!
Increase your physical strength and improve your overall health as you punch and kick to the beat! Complete efficient, calorie-burning aerobic exercises in full-body workouts from the comfort of your home. Muay Thai, boxing, karate, and more...all at your fingertips! Grab a Joy-Con™ in each hand and get ready to achieve great results with a program custom built for you in this martial arts fitness game developed specifically for the Nintendo Switch™!
Matilda Matilda Takumi Takumi Christie Christie Satsuki Satsuki
Your personal trainer will build a custom daily workout program to help you reach your goals.
Choose your own exercises at your own pace. It's great for working out when you're short on time!
Select a Course
Select a Studio
Select Music
Confirm Exercises
Track your progress with stats like burned calories and workout time in the sleek My Report feature.
My Report
Input Stats
Weekly Graph
Monthly Graph
Shoulder Rotation
Upper Arm Stretch
Thigh Stretch
Waist Rotation
Back Stretch
Choose from EDM, Eurobeat, Techno, Trance, Rock, Celtic, Jazz, Hip Hop, and more!
Switch the instructor's left and right so it looks like you are exercising in front of a mirror.
Choose from KHF, White, and Black studios.
Track your workouts accurately, no matter your schedule. Workouts that extend past midnight can be counted as the day before up until 6:00 AM.